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Regula Ltd. started in 1992 with development and production of banking equipment for currency authentication. Later it became involved in development of different devices for authentication of security papers, IDs, passports etc. These activities resulted in development and introduction of up-to-date technologies and integrated solutions for forensic markets and governmental law-enforcement structures.
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Products of Regula Ltd built on scientific base and use the newest developements and high quality optics.
This device is used by police and criminology staff of more than 50 countries. It has a worldwide certificate ISO.

REGULA-1019 Low Profile Control Unit is designed for detailed authenticity control of documents and other security papers. It has 10x magnification, good central and side sharpness, brightness and contrast. The view is without any deformations. Easy in use.


-Magnification — 10 times
-Document examination under white oblique light
-Document examination under UV illumination — 254, 313, 365 nm
-Detection of retroreflective protection
-Detection of Anti-Stokes luminescence


-Border control and immigration services
-Customs authorities
-Law-enforcement agencies
-Forensic laboratories
-Financial institutions
-Consulates, notary offices, visa support agencies
-Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents

Extra accesories available for extra charge:

-Accumulators and recharger
-Leather bag 

(Please contact us for further details !!!)

It's also useful for collectors, antique experts, bank experts, etc




Magnification, times 10 10
Field of view (diameter), mm 20 ± 2 20 ± 2
Light sources white top   +
oblique + +
for OVD visualization   +
coaxial + +
interchangeable white/ultraviolet   +
ultraviolet, nm 254 + +
313 +
365 + +
400   +
high-intensity infrared 980 nm + 2 modes

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