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This 8x two-lens viewing loupe is intended for detailed viewing of small objects being poorly distinguished by eyes. 
The optical elements of the loupe are being produced of high-quality optical glass with anti-reflection coating.
The loupe has 2  correction lenses therefore, the image appears to be close to the original as much as possible.


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The LI-2-8x measuring loupe is intended for linear measurement of up to 10 mm and consists of two optical lenses that ensure the 8x magnification and two measuring scales reticle.
Technical data:                                
Loupe magnification, ratio 8,0±0,16                                                   
Focal length, mm  31,25±0,62                                                              
Measurement range, mm  from 0 to 10                                                   
Measuring scales division value, mm:
         - against a light background with opaque strokes  0,1±0,01        
         - against a dark background with transparent strokes  0,5±0,01   
Limits of an absolute error of each measuring scale, mm ±0,02
Moving of an eyepiece relative to the case
with a reticle (diopter range), min., dptr. ±5                                
Overall dimensions, max., mm   Ø29×50                                          
Weight, max., kg   0,04                                                             
Operating temperature range   from  -50 °C to +40 °C     

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