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This Huge TELEPHOTO LENS MTO 10/1000 lens is made by LZOS plant in Russia (Lytkarinsk). The factory manufactured the main telescope "VST" mirror (diameter 2650 mm) for the European southern observatory (ESO) in Chile, on mountain Paranal, and the main telescope mirror for the Russian science academy, and telescope for the American observatory on Hawaiian islands and others.
LZOS lenses are made with unique mirror-astronomical technology that allows to photograph distanced objects, including space, with high resolution. Actually you can receive macroshooting of such objects as the moon, and also high-quality images of people and animals distanced from you on greater distances.
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Focal lenght, mm: 1000
Lens fitting: M42x1
Relative aperture, mm: 1:10
Angle of view,o: 2,5
Focusing range, m: 8 to Infinity
Mount type: screw mount M42
Thread of light filters: M116x1
Weight without package, kg: 2 


This lens MTO 10/1000 is used for mirror cameras with the frame size of 24x36 mm. Without any adapter it's used with M42 mm cameras: Pentax M42, Zenit, Praktica.
Rubinar can also be used with Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Minolta, Olympus and other cameras with adapters 
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This lens fits for cameras that have a manual mode for aperture on the lens and a manual focusing.

Delivery set:

- MACRO LENS MTO 10/1000 ,
- 2 lens caps,
- Lens hood,
- Nylon carrying case,
- Light filter O-4x,
- Light filter UF-1,4x,
- Light filter GZ-8x,
- Manual mode

Extra accesories are available on request: 

TKL-2 teleconverter reduces the effective aperture by two full stops and increases the focal length by a factor of 2

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