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This lens is made by plant in Russia (Krasnogorsk). The lens enables to obtain pretty unusual and impressive pictorial effects by changing usual proportions of the objects. FISH-EYE ZENITAR M 2.8/16 LENS is suitable for making pictures with colour films and digital cameras. The lens allows to make original pictures with angular field of view up to 180 degrees. 
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The lens has an automatic jumping diaphragm that adjusts with the advance defined lens stop value while shooting. It allows to bring the picture into sharp focus at the entirely open diaphragm independent on the lens stop setting. A high image quality, big luminosity, the ability to transfer small object's details allow to make amateur or special pictures of various types such as reproduction, macro and micro modes photography. Clarifying multi-layer coated lens increases transmission and reduces light scattering that provides especially profitable contrast and sharpness of the image, substantially eliminates halation and glares even while photographing in the back-light mode with the big difference of brightness of the object and background.


Focal lenght, mm: 16
Relative aperture, mm: F/2.8-22
Angle of view,o: 180
Minimum distance when photographing, m: 0,3
Weight, kg: 0,31


This unique lens ZENITAR M is used for cameras with Micro 4/3 lens mount (Panasonic G1, GH1, etc),Olympus E-P1.
Zenitar M can also be used with Canon, Nikon, Contax, Pentax, Minolta and other cameras with extra adapter.
This lens fits for cameras that have a manual mode for aperture on the lens and a manual focusing! 

Delivery set:

-MC Zenitar M 2,8/16 LENS,
-Lens cap,
-Nylon carrying case,
-3 Light filters,
-Micro Four Third to M42 adapter,
-English manual.

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