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This lens is made by the military plant in Russia BELOMO that makes the equipment for the space program in Russia. By changing usual proportions of the objects, the lens enables to obtain pretty unusual and impressive pictorial effects. FISHEYE CIRCULAR "MS Peleng 3.5/8A" LENS is suitable for photoshooting with both traditional (film) and digital cameras.
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Focal distance, mm 8,1 +/- 0,25
Relative aperture 1:3,5+1:16
Angle of view, ang. deg. 180
Aspect ratio, mm 24x36
Resolution power, mm in the center 55 along the edges 15
Minimum distance when photographing, m 0,3
Transmission factor 0,7
Dissipation factor 0,03
Overall dimensions, mm
diameter 73
length 65,5


Fisheye MC Peleng is equipped with Leica M mount which allows to use it with Leica M Series, Digital Leica M8, Leica CL, Hexar RF, Minolta CLE, Voigtlander Bessa T, R2, R2A, R3A, R2M, R3M, R4A, R4M, Epson RD-1, Konika Hexar RF, Rollei RF. 

Delivery set:

- FISHEYE CIRCULAR "MS Peleng 3.5/8AMD" LENS with built-in Leica M mount,
- Thread M42,
- Lens cap,
- Nylon carrying case,
- Manual mode.

Extra accesories are available on request:

3 filters  

You can order them here


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